Who we is

Michael, Editor/Coward
Michael Allen is a white male who enjoys looking at stuff on youtube, erotic embroidery, and Don Hertzfeldt cartoons.  On a recent trip to the Middle East, Michael had to excuse himself from a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu to relieve himself on what turned out to be the Wailing Wall.  He is currently awaiting extradition papers.


Boba Cash, Society Pages/Misanthropic Drunk
Write whatever the fuck you want here, nobody's ever gonna fuckin see it anyway you dumb shit.


Dr. Alan Gunty, Proctology/Business Ethics
Fresh off a recent book tour for his seminal work entitled That Doesn't Fit in There, Dr. Gunty is hailed by his contemporaries as "the Steven Pinker of all things relating to down there."  Over the years, he has earned a reputation as one of the sharpest critics of business management and is currently employed in both areas of his expertise as an adviser to RIM.

Mr. Peanut, Arts & Leisure
This gentleman scholar brings many years of witty analysis and his iconic style to Shock and Ahh!! A renown after dinner raconteur, this established legume is currently abroad, looking after his interest in the Emirates and searching out new sources of raw material for use in the S&A!! Large Hadron Collider currently under construction in the garage. 

Izzie Catatak, Health & Well-being
One of the few Inuit blogging this far south of the 49th Parallel, you've likely seen Ms. Catatak on one of her excursions to the fish market.  In addition to her sewing, soap-stone carving, ice-fishing and seal hunting prowess, we're happy to exclusively feature this lady of the North's insightful, and often surprising perspective on our everyday foibles as only someone raised by Polar Bears can offer.

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