To Our Dear, Departed Leader

And you thought John Lennon's 70th birthday was a big deal...

Meanwhile, in the Cavern of Justice...

The streets of Pyongyang are once again filled with mourners and Party banners, as throngs of North Korea's subjects are herded into the centre of the city to honour the late Kim Jong-Il on what would have been his 70th birthday.

Now as you creep the various articles covering this hoppin' little celebration, you may notice that the tone is starting to shift in the Western media to one not quite as objective or sensitive as it was just two months ago on the occasion of Dear Leader's demise.

​Straight from the bottle- I mean, someone who was there.

This is a good thing. It was quite baffling to read the coverage, particularly in the Canadian and American sites such as the CBC (Canada's own State news) and larger American outlets like CNN and MSNBC. Baffling, because most of these articles failed to convey an accurate context that this was the death of a completely vile dictator, in a country arguably more oppressive of its citizens than Nazism in its extent.

Stunningly the discussion of this was lax, and in many of these articles one could have replaced names of North Korea and its Dear Leader with almost any other nation. The people were referred to as "mourners overcome with grief," as if they had assembled of there own freewill.

Such Grace & Majesty.

Now certainly much of the population was stricken with grief at the loss of their messiahic leader, having no contact with the outside world or any point of reference against which to compare their way of life. Kinda like the Matrix, or the Truman Show, hard to tell you're a slave when it's all you've known.

Free your mind, Neo.

Now this soft approach is fortunately starting to swing back to a more frank portrayal of this dark corner of the Earth. Let's be just as frank, North Korea is one of the biggest threats to the already shaky ground we're on at the moment.

North vs South Korea. The little bright dot is Dear

Leader's house, everybody else lives in the dark.

If you rank the nations of the world based on truly how dangerous they are, Iran pales in comparison. Iran's government is psychotic and fanatical, and we're all totally sure they're enriching uranium for weapons.


Iran is dangerous based alone on Ahmadinejad's implied intent and hatred of the nuclear-armed Israelis, but they are at least engaged in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, granted in a flirtatious, 12 year old girl kinda way. "Persia, are you making weapons?" "Um....I dunno"...**bats eyelashes. "Persia, do you LIKE, like me?" "Ummm...maybe".....**twirls hair with finger.

Hey dickless, Baby Huey called, he wants his dumbass, braindead fuckin face back.

But the whole thing about North Korea is THEY STR8 UP FUCKING SAY THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. They also have the means to deliver them, and live in what is arguably the most dogmatic, ideological, racist and insular military cult the planet has ever seen.

And now that braindead sloth son, Kim Jong Un is in charge - the youngest head of a fully armed, agressive police state/global nuclear threat in history. A man-child who has made clear his wishes to further antagonize South Korea.

And also take down those Amercan capitalist pig-dogs. North Korean Propaganda would make even Goebbels envious.

So while Iran continues to grab the headlines as the most dangerous nation, with its uranium programs and anti-semitc, conspiracy rants against Israel and her greatest ally, the US -- lets just assess the difference between a potential threat and an imminent threat (not George W. Bush's idea of imminent threat, but ACTUAL imminently armed and imminently aggresive threat).

It's the difference between the shady guy at the bank who slips the teller a note saying he's got a gun, versus Patrick Swayze decked out in a Reagan mask, waving around a fuckin .45 screamin "Vaya con Dios, Brah!"

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