The Harrowing Adventures of James Cameron!

Date: March 26th 2012, filmmaker James Cameron reaches the bottom of the Mariana Trench, deepest point on the surface of the Earth, beating Sir Richard Branson...

In the race to conquest the furthest boundaries of our world, few men have endeavored to the lengths of the brave, Canadian filmmaker, James Cameron. An alchemist of light whose films have grossed $1,916,423,619.00 worldwide, has never been one to settle for global domination of the box office.

In his God chair.

Some men are put on this earth to take dominion over the beauty and chaos of the natural world, and James Cameron continues to take steps towards fulfilling his destiny!

Alone, encased in neon steel, James Cameron prepares,

basically, to penetrate the deepest slit in the Earth.

One can only thrill at the harrowing expeditions of Kapuskasing's native son who has employed his funds to make discoveries in deepest, darkest fathoms of the Earth. (Unlike other billionaire filmmakers who instead spend every waking hour and dime trying to further destroy the Original Star Wars Trilogy).

A man of action, one can never say James is content to have "interests" in any subject. He's hardcore, which we can all admire - a man who goes overboard with his hobbies and passions to not only learn everything about something, like the history of the Titanic, but to become part of the story. The man made more than 30 dives down to the damn wreck alone...

A true romantic, (the man must be passionate, having been married 5 times, usually to actresses he's directing) he's considered by some to be professional perfectionist with a reputation as a mad-tyrant on the film set, in the editing room, on the scoring stage etc.

​Discovering the United States of South America.

But you must forgive him of all that since his other vocation, that of explorer, even if it is ego-driven, continues to add to our library of documented images of shit never-before seen, solve the decades old debate of who really sunk the Bismarck (Germans scuttled her, Jim prooved it dawg), and now head down to collect samples form an environment so alien it might as well be on Pandora. God speed to you James, the greatest explorer of new frontiers since Jean-Luc Picard.

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