It's Borderline Pornographic, But it Caught a Killer

They may have got Magnotta in cuffs but as post offices across Canada keep an eye out for the rest of Jun Lin, the website that gave the police their earliest leads is coming under fire.

I've seen a lot of horrible, disgusting, graphic things from the comfort of my bedroom over the years. Many nights as a youth were spent bathed in the soft glow of filth from the computer monitor while I picked over the visual encyclopedia of blood and guts at, and the myriad of sexy, strange, and horrifying videos that characterized the early years of

His name was Jun Lin, and unlike Magnotta, this is the only photo we've seen of him.

Such sites have undergone a bit of a renaissance - where many back in the day played up an image of exploitation with dehumanizing titles and no pretense beyond entertainment, places like and more recently, posit themselves as socially-conscious news outlets and throw around phrases like "freedom of information," "people have the right to know what goes on in this world." It's okay to be curious.

And the holy grail of online gore is the murder of Jun Lin, the poor bastard whose death and dismemberment in a video called 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick could be, after 9/11, the most thoroughly video-documented crime in human history.

Now Mark Marek, the man behind the Edmonton based website where the video was posted last month may be facing charges for "distributing obscene material." Here we have a precedent in the viral video world and what could turn into the most relevant freedom of speech case since George Carlin's Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.

Like a a pair of disturbed Ukrainian youths dealing mortal blows to the face of an innocent victim, Bestgore hammers to death the site's comitment to showcasing "the truth about humans, and the truth is not always nice," albeit drenched in conspiracy theories, anti-semitism, and racism.

After looking over the site, you could be tempted to dismiss statements like that as self-aggrandizing smoke, but it is known that authorities were contacted by at least one American lawyer who saw the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video on the site and suggested police try to verify its authenticity.

Now police in Toronto have some 'splaining to do after they brushed off multiple reports about the video, dismissing them with the most often read comment on Youtube: "WTF this is fake.." (Apparently when someone at the Berlin cafe where Magnotta was arrested tried to tell the cops he was there, they got the same reaction, "Verpiss Dicht").

According to Mark Marek:

Days before the Canadian police named Luka Magnotta a suspect, we had his name pinned down on Best Gore... we knew the guy was from Canada, the findings were reported to the Toronto police. The authorities, at the time, did not find the information credible and did not follow up on it. Few days later, severed foot was delivered to Tory HQ in Ottawa.

Apparently some asshole thinks Marek's Bestgore is exploitative of the victims of violence captured in the pictures and videos submitted to the site. In an article in the National Post, this same weenis goes on to draw a distinction between videos of demonstrators in Syria being shot to death and one life being taken in a dimly lit bedroom -- the latter is "obscene" I guess because this peckerwood thinks violence is less vulgar if it's spread out over a crowd?

I guess you can argue that Jun Lin, the victim shown murdered and dismembered by Magnotta is being exploited by the online community who have crashed servers trying to watch the salacious streaming video. Maybe a few of them are just looking to get their jollies off the gore-porn. Honestly though, I'd say it's a little more accurate that Magnotta exploited Lin when he murdered him, mutilated his body and performed sex acts with his remains for his own sick gratification.

In the end, I wouldn't want millions of people watching a video of me losing my life and all human dignity at the hands of some sick fuck. But I'd be dead, so my opinion and feelings -- like Jun Lin's now - - would be meaningless after the fact. But the knowledge that my killer had shared the evidence of his crime with the world and that a few pasty nerds had connected the dots as to who he was and gave enough of a fuck to call the police -- as the patrons of Bestgore evidently did...well that kinda makes up for the few others who'll get their rocks of waiting for clips to load so they can blow their's.

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