YOLO, the Suicidal Call of Youth

Resident miserable fuck, Boba Cash, returns to take down another depressing meme...

So screams the bored youth, grasping at some idea of identity confused with independence and rebellion. Sure they grew up during the war on terror when the media machine constantly churned out a fear-mongering that at any given second we could be obliterated by a bunch of goofballs in an airplane with a false belief in an afterlife, but it's no excuse. Really the kids are just being shitty.

While it pains me to admit that, it is true, you only live once, instead of YOLO being used as a rallying cry around a campfire before skinny dipping, or bungee jumping, or moving to a new country, or changing the world for the better, it has been co-opted into justifying being a reckless little shit, drinking and driving, hooping cheap designer drug cocktails at the clubs.

So what the fuck? How did our society fall so far from being collaborative and embodying a solemn goal of moving forward as a species?

Can we blame the car and clothing ads, that suddenly shifted from the family vehicle with picnics, to depictions of slick young professionals and their slobbering orange models ripped from some reality tv cesspool riding shotgun? From the family meal to the totally rad meals on the go? If so, then the seeds for society’s destruction were sown in the cocky heydays of the 80’s. Of course that was when there were still jobs before the collapse at the end of the decade and then the dot com, and again in 2008. So What the fuck?


Let’s recap, the high-waist band, short, moustached and fannypack-sporting assholes who justify being terrible people, and challenging each other to smash against the fists of old society rally with a singular call, of YOLO.


Punch back.

Though when you strike them (to remind them that they only live once and should do more with their lives), remember that our fucking miserable generation, is now more distracted, more over-stimulated and more fed than ever before. Suddenly the cost of living exploded well beyond the cost of inflation and this generation is answering to Generation X’rs - that generation who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves and throw everything onto the younger ones: demanding that we have a university education or more when they barely finished high school.

Generation Y or Generation Serial Killers?

But if anyone ever yells it, punch them in the face. Just to be safe. If they cry and ask why, tell them you’re helping them and saving their life...

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