Annie Get Yer Gun, Them Nazis is Back!

Noam Chomsky once remarked on the ineffectual debate tactic of calling your opponent a Nazi. To paraphrase, there's simply no rational reply, the only thing one can respond with is "no I'm not." It's a political and conversational taboo, a label so charged with negative emotion that to even apply it to an opponent in the heat of debate, is to forfeit a hefty cost of one's own integrity.

So when discussing one of Greece's rising political movements, the Golden Dawn Party, it's no hyperbole or sad attempt to ennoble my own point of view when I refer to this group as a bunch of wild eye'd foaming mad motherfucking Nazis.

Weird to see shit like this in colour.

History is like fashion, it goes in cycles every few years -- Mom's 70's bell bottoms that made you cringe in the late 80's came back with a vengeance in the late 90's -- so hard to keep track but if you're Karl Lagerfeld you can spot the trends. Fascism, like a good internet recipe for homemade napalm needs only a few simple old domestic ingredients to come back into vogue: runaway inflation, a dose of xenophobia, and socialist austerity measures. Mix well, let simmer on high, then throw into the face of civilization.

Oh, and a good dose of misogyny.

Next, employ some school yard brawling to show how tough you are and that you don't need actual arguments or public support to get your message out, you're a fascist, you only respect violence, you feed on it, thrive on it, like all your predecessors before you, you'll inevitably immolate, consumed by your addiction to annihilation. And hey, it's okay if you hit a few girls too, they have vaginas, and if there's one thing a fascist hates more than anything, it's a pussy.

We live in a post-modern global village wherein the super powers of the world remain, especially North America, polarized down the line of Left and Right. The biggest flaw of the hard-liners on either side is a lethal addiction to revisionist history. Ask a person on the Left what caused the stock market crash of 1929 and they'll parrot back at you "the failure of the free market!!" an opinion propagated by the Roosevelt administration that runs against the evidence. Ask a person on the Right if same-sex couples should be allowed legal marriage rights, they'll bark back something about the "gay agenda to destroy the moral fabric of society," an assertion usually rooted in the Right's preoccupation with everyone's personal life.

Oh, Holocaust denial, how original.

Take the most deluded, paranoid fringe mind on either side of the political spectrum, push them past the point of "9/11 was a Bush and Co. inside job" and "Obama is a socialist Muslim," and eventually you meet on the dark side of the moon at a surrender of freewill and liberty. Socialism is the endgame of Leftist collectivism that has abandoned rationality and Fascism, the counterpart, consumed by hatred, paranoia and reactionary violence.

We're fortunate living in the 21st century because we have the wisdom of hindsight. We've tried both Socialism and Fascism. They don't work. So we moved on and put in place provisions in our global economic systems like the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations to, if not prevent, at least make it easier to spot the trends that stir these extreme systems like monsters under the bed. Sure we have a few zombie communist states like China which are a little too capitalist to call themselves Socialists with a straight face. Or North Korea, the land that time forgot, and things are going so well there.

But the fascists have long been left on the fringe, angry street gangs of wayward youth who have never lived under the system they espouse. That is, until now in Greece, birthplace of Democracy, an old venom has started to coalesce on the searing surface of austerity measures the likes of which Europe hasn't seen since the Wiemar Republic.

The Fascists think they're on the way back to the mainstream conversation, and if there's one thing that can make us temporarily set aside our tribal turf-wars, Left and Right mudslinging about Big Bird, Islamist terrorists and the rest of our daily bullshit -- it's a group of paper-hanging, race-baiting, Hitler-loving Neo-Nazi brutes who want to threaten human solidarity, and think they're so fucking original.

Dammit, what a tedious historical re-run. I was hoping for Reagan's hostile Aliens...

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