Generation F#%K'D

Boba Cash returns with a comment on what's at stake...

Maybe this will go to print ahead of the election results, maybe it won’t. The important thing is that Generation Y is now Generation Fucked.

Someone very dear to me today lamented that if she or he is selected for jury duty, she or he will be let go, and bankrupted. WELCOME TO MITT ROMNEY WORLD! Do your civic duty, go bankrupt, lose your job! Shame on you for not working harder - YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR A JOB.

Today as you may know is the American Election, a choice between Obama and Romney. And that is why we are now generation fucked, wedged between two gulfs. As my friend said, one side argues that Gen Y is entitled (Romney) and the other side points to underemployment (Obama). Either way you are fucked.

In a new study launched today, we are now the most stressed individuals in the world. I am just outside of this group but it doesn’t mean I am not stressed. On the contrary I fall outside of the realm of investigation, left to list about dangerously between two gulfs.

In Romney World, Generation Fucked are a bunch of lay about do nothings who bitch and whine. Sorry, but making minimum wage while cost of living explodes well beyond inflation and well beyond market bearing revenues isn’t fun. You wonder why we were not starting families, buying cars, buying houses?

There isn’t time for any of that when the most we can hope for is a good drink or fuck if we are lucky enough, 6 hours of sleep and back to schlepping it in the service industry in the morning. OR we go work in a mine or oil patch and make a bucket of money to spend on things like vanity vacations and gas guzzling cars instead of making a change for the better, perpetuating the system without improving it.

In Obama World, Generation Fucked are stuck at the bottom of the shitter. We are educated and capable of working, but everything above us are clogged with floaters that won’t get flushed away when it comes time to clean house (unions do so much good, but also wrongfully protect those who should be booted). Above us are the Gen X’rs that only look after themselves and steal ideas from underlings and give the finger to work ethic. hey barely grasp computers, and couldn’t be bothered to invest in the time and efforts into their jobs, expecting a hand out, making us even more bitter.

UNDECIDED WTF?? Wipe the fucking smiles off your fucktard face and grow a fucking conscience you insipid parasites!

Generation Fucked is left with an expensive education and a desire either to work OR lounge about, there is no middle. Don’t think for one second that you are safe in Canada. Stephen Harper sold Canada to China under a free trade agreement (FIPA) that makes NAFTA look like a fucking tea party. So bow down to Chairman Harper and your new outsourced overlords.

At least Obama is trying to lay the foundations of a brighter tomorrow, where education, drive and dedication will be rewarded, and we are not treated as cattle. So, calling any and all American's abroad, Dual-Citizens, you have something every citizen in the world wishes they had, a say in an American Presidential Election.

Go Vote.

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