We're Ready for the Aliens

Like most of us, my head is spinning, my stomach is in a knot, and I'm having trouble sleeping. It started a year ago with the headlines out of Syria where over 300,000 people have died in civil war and now the renewed hostilities in Gaza, I can't keep food down. I'm still fat and pasty, though, and safe and sound in North America.

I'm just watching, like all of us, the TV, the news sites, the comments forums, trying to make sense of all the awe-inspiring madness accelerating to the end of the year, all the while starting to think, well shit, maybe the Mayan prophecy goofs were RIGHT!

The one thing I can't stand about all of this, is the creepy air of apologist thinking tinged throughout comments pages on CNN and other shitty news sites. It must be a new record for internet hyperbole, with people jumping right to the top-shelf bullshit comments -- open strong, I always say.

For every attempt at a thoughtful, reasoned comment, there is an instant, venomous response. Over at CNN.com, Dave opens with a measured attempt to start a dialogue, but Aiden is ready with a level-ten hit of emotionally charged hyperbole:

Meanwhile, over at the Toronto Star's forum, a progressive thinker doesn't waste any time going for the jugular with a half-assed allegory to Nazi Germany:

I love the old Noam Chomsky remark about how you know your opponent is outta arguments when they throw a finger in your direction and shout "Nazi!!" It's the post-modern equivilant of the colonial farmer frustrated at the dismal yield from his land, turning on his heal with a crooked finger pointed at the neighbours's house, WITCH!!"

There's a huge movement in the fashion world right now towards vintage styles. Vinyl records have come back with a vengeance, ad campaigns by Thom Browne and Chanel all recall that vintage vogue. Along with that, some classic hate-mongering, but then again, just like the little black cocktail dress, good ol' fashion Jew-hating never goes out of style, apparently.

But them rascally Jews who poisoned your well and made your crops fail, and took over The Daily Show from that fuckin knob nobody remembers.

Not Craig Kilburn.

And as the local representative of the 21st century in the middle-east, they're packing some major Kosher heat:

I'll grant you that baby-killing is bad and can't be justified, it's immoral to take another life unless yours is immediately threatened..but then if the people with doing the threatening claim to be under apartheid, they have a right to defend themselves from Jewish settlers in the West Bank...but the Settlers withdrew in 2005....but the rockets are launched from schools and residential areas so Israelis, you can't defend yourself without accidentally killing babies, but..but....Israel is a member of the UN and a legitimate democracy surrounded by billions of Muslims...but that`s not to say Palestine doesn't have some sort of democracy because they put Hamas in power...but they have a blockade against them from Israel through which Iran continues to smuggle weapons into Palestine....but the Jews are the aggressors against the aggressors backed by the Jihadists against the West including despots and puppet regimes armed by the West in the first place, but enemies by proxy through backing of Israel..and babies...war crimes...Drones....Depictions of Muhammad....Iron Dome....the Hamas Charter actually contains the words: Surat Al-Imran (III), verses 109-111 Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors...and..and if my ear was a vagina I could fuck my brains out.

I admit I'm a rambling mess with no point. But as I sweep up the fragments of my exploded head, I can only leave a link to a video that addresses loosely the trolls in the comments above by a man you can blame for anything you like as he was half-Jewish himself. Lets just zone out and watch an apologist get his ass handed to him in a high hat by a magnificent drunk:

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