Boy Scouts Not Big On Gays, But Love Their Tax Dollars!

The battle rages on in the United States over the Boy Scouts of America and their stance against homosexuals in their organization. Any decision on overturning their stance has been delayed for now as the executive board needs some time to deliberate.

Historically, homosexuals have been one group explicitly denied membership as scout leaders and even kicked out of the organization when the truth about their sexual orientation was made public. This hard-line stance is based on the tenants of the organization which are informed mostly from religious doctrines.

"I'm sorry Johnny, you just can't pray the gay away."

Any private group is allowed to choose who they want to include or exclude in their club and that's the strongest argument people in favor of the ban on gays choose to put forward. They then go on in detail about morality, and sexual deviancy and all the other superfluous noise that leave you having to raise your voice over them to ask "but don't the Boy Scouts accept taxpayer money?"

If I want to start a club for people who love fudge striped cookies (and man do I Looooove fudge striped cookies!) I can make all sorts of rules that need to be followed by anyone who wants to join. You have to share our belief that Fudge Stripe cookies rock and that Oreo cookies are morally inferior by virtue of how they're made, and you have to pay membership dues in the form of 12 Hershey's Kisses (Monthly for the first year and then on a bi-annual basis).

Now we can enjoy ourselves and refuse any of those poor, misguided Oreo-lovers and their surreptitious milk-dunking from joining our ranks and nobody can say anything. But say we find that, in order to hold our annual Fudge-Fest in Tampa, we need to dip into the public cookie jar, a jar that contains Hershey's Kisses collected from all the other cookie lovers: Macadamia-nut lovers, Wafer-enthusiasts, and yes, milk-dunking Oreo aficionados. Well now it puts us Fudge fans in a compromising spot if the Oreo-lovers are being forced to pay for our Fudge-Striped Cookie Jamboree when they aren't even allowed in our cookie tent.

Yes, he said "cram it down our throats." From CNN Article.

Likewise, if the Boy Scouts of America don't want gays anywhere near their organization, then they can't use money that the taxman takes from gay people. Otherwise those queer folks are allowed to use that same money for their own club of breezy-shorted, neckerchief-ed, sash-wearing little boys.

The underlying issue at the heart of the foaming debate was outlined quite succinctly by Wendy McElroy, in a 2005 article on Fox News, (yeah, THAT FOX NEWS):

The solution is simple. The Boy Scouts should cease to accept tax-funding and cut all official ties to government agencies. The Boy Scouts should live up to its self-declared status as a private organization. This would also be living up to the Boy Scouts' principles: it is the honest and honorable thing to do.

See, the whole 47% thing wasn't the first time he didn't realize he was being recorded!

You're allowed the fundamental right to disagree, disapprove of, and hell, even hate anybody you want within the confines of your skull, home, or private club -- you're not allowed public money for exclusionary ends. (Also since the Boy Scouts are a heavily-religious group as well, I'm sure that trespasses a bit on the whole separation of Church and State thing). To paraphrase Mr. Jefferson, believe whatever stupid thing you want, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket. So, to the Boy Scouts I say, get your hands out of gay people's pockets unless you invite them into your tent!

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