The Downward Spiral Continues...

Our contributing miserable wretch, Boba Cash returns with his on-going series, Our Collective Death Spiral:

Three Canadian kids murdered 37 hostages in Algeria. This isn’t a Muslim problem - it is a societal problem across all religions and races, and has been for a while.

I’ve academically written about this before, and been falsely called a racist and a bigot for my efforts. My academic dissection of ideologies (calling out religious goon squads of every denomination) had a couple fellow students howl slanderous comments at me without being able to justify their vitriol.

In class, the student screaming loudest against my work would later launch an anti-Semitic diatribe at the only Jewish girl in our class. I verbally quartered the hate speech, as the principle argument was “Jews microwave babies so Palestine should have nuclear missiles.” Not academic. But hell Tamil Tiger flags and Hamas keffiyehs ran rampant around campus.

The ugly reality is that not ALL people are good. Fucked-up ideologies appeal to some because it fills a gap, answers their questions, or rewards their disillusionment. Che was a black-hating child killing machine, now worn on t-shirts worldwide!

Homegrown terrorism is nothing new. Look up the Fenian Raids, then Air India bombing, fundraisers for Tamil Tigers, the Westboro Baptist Church, this by some far-flung Jews, and yes, there are bad fringe persons perverting Islam. No one gets up in arms when the Amish raise a barn though. Lastly and importantly, don’t forget the Bible’s awesomely fucked up passages that the fringe minority cling to!

So don’t just think it is Muslims you small-minded fucks. And it isn’t just religions. White Supremacy is currently on the rise in the States, Russia and Greece. Even if your neighbour is slightly different, look the fuck out. Oh and that whole October Crisis and those who worship an unapologetic murderer.

How did we get here? The splintering and growth of fanatical groups cannot exist in a vacuum or we would only be dealing smaller, localized Unabomber’s, Timothy McVeigh’s, and more Jonestown’s. This is where telecommunications and an inflated sense of entitlement opened the floodgates of ideologies.

The United States Government points out that The terrorism we confront today springs from:

  • Political alienation.

  • Grievances that can be blamed on others.

  • Subcultures of conspiracy and misinformation.

  • An ideology that justifies murder.

We landed on the moon for fuck’s sake and now we bicker over reality TV. No wonder I feel alienated, am repulsed by most television, and am sick of the internet (irony). I did, however, divorce myself from religion - aka bullshit ideologies that don’t trumpet human accomplishment and intelligence, don’t reward equality and education, and don’t celebrate the human spirit.

We’ve lost patience, and lost perspective.

I’m gonna spend my free time working on ways to better engage our world and engage people. Only when we start offering people an ear to listen we start to engage the disaffected before some fucked up ideology has them blowing up hostages, kidnapping diplomats or screaming hate vitriol at dead soldiers.

So break the damn mold. Explore this world and be fucking amazed at how incredible a cellphone is, let alone how unfathomably complex and amazing the human body is.

Let’s build a better society, a better world where bullshit ideologies have no appeal, and we invest in each other and our collective future.

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