The Darkest Week of the Year

Until a few hours ago, I was planning a post about the fate of the Titanic and the death of Lincoln, two events that signify the beginning of "Orange Alert Week." This is the week in April so densely packed with tragic anniversaries that the United States Defense Department used to raise the threat level to "Orange." And now we have another disgusting act.

The events unfolding in Boston today have claimed the lives of two people and inured more than a hundred after three explosions at the Boston Marathon. At a time when the United States is gripped in contentious debate over gun legislation, still reeling from mass human tragedies in the wake of Newtown, we can only hope that today's events are not soon spun for political fervor.

More than a decade ago, I stood in front of the television and said to my parents as the twin towers fell "I pray it's some crazy white guy from the Ozarks." My fear then was that it would be the first watershed moment in a long, drawn out messy international confrontation.

Today, with recent reports of now four boys from my home town having joined al Qaeda, Gabby Giffords still recovering from being shot in the head by a madman on a spree, and despicable conspiracy theories being put forth about the events in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Massachusetts, all that matters is that we find them, be they a rogue nut or some sleeper cell of one affiliation or another.

To whomever is responsible, I ask, what did you think you would accomplish? Who is the beneficiary of this act? You've only betrayed whatever cause it is for which you speak. Fucking why? We'll find out soon enough, we always do, and you'll answer for what you've done. We're coming for you.

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