I'm Not Saying it's Aliens...But It's Aliens!

The long awaited hearings for which a discerning public has yearned are commencing this week in Washington D.C. The topic is not terrorism or the global economic crises, but extra-terrestrials. And these aren't congressional hearings exactly, they're the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure, a kind of mock-UN convened in the spirit of the U.S. Congress.

The witnesses of these hearings cover a range of backgrounds including a whack of military and aviation folk who have one thing in common: no good evidence to back up their claims. Don't get me wrong, I'm not accusing them of making false claims nor do I question their sincerity (except the ones getting paid for their "testimony").

These are people who are putting their reputations on the line and on top of that, they're claiming something that I have always dreamed and hoped was true: aliens not only exists, but have visited earth and interacted with humanity.

I've seen E.T. over a hundred times and the original Star Wars trilogy is by now, etched into my genome. I fucking love aliens and space and am even planning to apply for that reality show on Mars. I really, really want to believe that aliens have visited Earth and that there is some big cover-up that spans from Roswell to my fav story, the Rendlesham Forest Encounter. For years I've poured over hours of UFO documentaries, pictures, and endless webpages to indulge my own interest in this topic. Many a summer's night was spent enraptured by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.

But after so many years, I understand that we need something better than grainy or blurry video of blobs or specks of light -- and abduction experiences recalled under hypnosis. It would be the most important event in this planet's history if we could confirm even a microbe from another world had made it onto this blue ball. Like Peter Coyote said to Elliot "I've been wishing for this since I was ten years old..." But whatever the outcome of the Citizen Hearings this week, we'll probably have to keep waiting a little longer.

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