The All-American, Armour-Clad Law Enforcement Officer

Schock&AHH!!'s Dr. Alan Gunty returns with a critique of the power on display in American streets.

Front pages everywhere model the modern American law enforcement officer (LEO for short). Clad in tactical garb and sporting the most modern, industrial-design inspired kit, a LEO posing with wrap-around sunglasses is becoming a recurrent image. A strong, vigilant protector, defending us from the terrorists. Or criminals. Or the mentally incompetent.

Twenty years ago this was exaggeration for the purpose of social satire.

But it doesn't matter how "blinged out" your assault carbine is because it's still only as good as the speed at which it is deployed. The guy who draws first has far better odds of putting rounds on his target. And as we can see from the last year, it seems like the pattern emerging is one where the bad guy draws first. But this doesn't affect the timely aftermath of law enforcement posturing afterwards while they secure the area.

While the militarization of American law enforcement is a whole different issue, the theme suggests that the more the United States digs in on pro-firearms, the more we see a normalization of the militarized police state to temper the increase in gun violence. Contrary to the fears of Alex Jones, why would the state take the guns when they can perpetuate the need for more concentrated, heavy-handed state response.

How bad is it that FOX-fucking news is worried, albeit it's all

Obama's fault and the previous administrations had nothing to do with it.

On appearances of the combat oriented LEO, the U.S. is like a first-world Mexico where the Federales and Army combat drug lords in open war. Except that America doesn't have cartels executing people in public and doesn't require a "fight fire with fire" policy. America has a poor, under-educated, and overall disparate population with no means of progressing socially.

If rubber bullets don't convince these poor people to start climbing

the corporate ladder, then, golly, what will?

Instead of addressing these issues the government equips police for what could be recognized as all-out urban warfare. This is a concession that the social inequality present in America will probably deteriorate further and that the government response is simply to just say no, stand their ground, and get tough on crime.

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