Ever Run Into Yourself at Five Guys?

There exists in this world a finite variety of human beings. To be more precise, there exists a finite range of physical attributes in the distribution of people throughout the world. I once worked as a call center agent and swear that in that time I spoke to the same fifty-seven varieties of human voice on multiple occasions.

"Y'all look the same to me" - Laurence Fishburne

As likely as it is to run into someone who shares your vocal traits, you'd be surprised to learn how many times you've either just missed catching the elevator with, or been sitting with your back to your very own doppelganger.

The distribution of physical appearance is disturbingly small when you consider it, regardless of gender or ethnic background. Sure, we may think we're as unique as each little snowflake that dances on the breeze, but no - you're one in a batch of a limited edition of faces, noses, hairdos and awkward gaits.

During my crazy, tree wizard beard days, I photographed myself on the streetcar.

Right now I'm looking at you, looking at me, looking at you.

I'm proud to say that in addition to the many times an acquaintance has told me "I thought I saw you the other day, I was so sure it was you!" I can boast to having personally witnessed/encountered my very own doppelgangers on numerous occasions within the last three years alone. And I don't travel much, so imagine how many other me's their are walking around.

There I am in line at the burger joint. As photographed by me.

And as you can see, as is the most important piece of evidence to have when making such a claim, I have the photographs to prove it -- though, as yet, no Bigfoot or Nessie pics.

So the next time you feel a little bit alone, or like yours is but a face adrift in a sea of faces, remember that you are indeed special. If not one in a million, you're more like one in a run of the all new Gold Edition Samsung Galaxy S4. (Check under your armpit for the serial number --the lower the number, the higher your re-sell value!)

And if you're really lucky, you'll meet your future self at Starbucks.

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