Hook-Up App Forces Woman to Objectify Other People

Anna Gensler is a talented artist. Pulling inspiration from exhibitionists with bad grammar, her sketchings present the flawed, natural shapes of a modern man as he pursues a mate. Additionally, the accompanying crude dialogue that she transcribes seems much more personal in handwriting rather than its native typeface. And she’s ambivalent to irony.

Ms. Gensler doesn't agree with the non-consensual objectification of women. She claims that this position is what drove her to draw her various online suitors in embarrassing sexual situations. Her intent is such that by objectifying creepy men online through her drawing it might dissuade them from harassing others online. Maybe if men saw themselves objectified, they’d be more apt to not objectify women? And so, she corroborates with these perverts who continue to creep her and provide ample material to further her activity. Confused? Don’t be. Let me state it another way.

Anna Gensler claims that she does not agree with the sexual objectification of women so she decided to continue to stay in an environment which actively promotes and encourages the sexual objectification of people in general so she can engage with and objectify men to show them that objectification of women is wrong. For someone who doesn't like it when women are objectified, she sure likes to be objectified. Or in her words:

“These guys are immature and their lines incredibly juvenile, yet they are still offensive to the women they are aimed toward.”

These Tinder bros clearly haven`t been paying attention to the movies.

Who seriously responds to” immature” and “incredibly juvenile” people? Other immature and juvenile people do. By humouring these men she is validating their ridiculous positions. If they are just sad pathetic weirdos, then they’re not worthy of your time. Disregard and move on. If they still offend you, then on the internet, as in life, you can only do the following:

  1. Ignore the offense;

  2. Utilize the “block” or “report” features to have an admin/moderator remove the offending party from the environment; or

  3. Remove yourself from the environment.

Obviously Gensler isn’t ignoring her “admirers” by drawing them and communicating with them afterwards. She might be blocking/reporting them, but not until she has some sort of an exchange. Because of these two points alone, we can determine that Anna Gensler is a person who:

  • Likes to illustrate;

  • Likes to use Tinder;

  • Likes to talk to men on Tinder (specifically those who make poorly spelled advances/insults while baring their genitals); and

  • Likes to illustrate said men.

There is nothing to “get back at” here. Anna consented to her likeness being on the Tinder app just like the men whom she parodies. Thus, Anna consented to being sent dick pics, and the men consented to being made into cartoons. There is no harm involved, and everyone is voluntarily participating. This is a purely egalitarian system with everyone having the equal abilities to stalk or be stalked. There is no power struggle to be exploited, and Anna is no more a victim than a perpetrator.

So Anna, if you want to draw pictures of naked dudes who inadequately offered to pleasure you on the internet, go nuts. Nobody is arguing that you like being harassed by creepy guys (and they are extremely creepy), but your continued responses don’t say the opposite either.

“There are plenty of nice, normal people out there, but the internet also brings out a lot of creepers and I think it’s important to learn how to hold you own.”

Pot, meet kettle.

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