The Kids are Alt-Right

Why every registered Democrat and Independent should own a gun.

Last week marked the 72nd anniversary of the dropping of atomic weapons that brought an end to the fascist axis powers, the greatest enemy our civilization had ever faced. Yet three-quarters of a century later, while the latest nuclear state in the Korean peninsula continues its decades old saber-rattling, a far more nefarious and immediate danger has fomented at home in the United States. In Charlottesville, Virginia. Here is where the fascists have returned.

Worse yet is that this horror has been emboldened by an American president’s feckless response both during the “anything goes” campaign (failing to condemn endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan for instance) and now over the events of the weekend. As one American, Heather Heyer, lies dead, the first casualty in the fight against this enemy since the Second World War, the White House can only look on, refusing to condemn the lunatic fringe. Possibly out out of recognition that so many of these elements are embedded within the administration itself.

In North America, we labour under this notion that right wing fascism is consigned to history as a chapter in European empire-building gone mad. For instance, when quizzed about the origins of the Third Reich, most people assume the Nazis took power in a coup d'etat or, more commonly, that Hitler used the democratic process to get elected and then immolated the republican system.

The truth is that the seizure of government by Hitler was not by his or the Nazi party’s design alone. It was a calculated risk taken by complicit statesmen who persuaded a fragmented government to hand power to a madman. A man, they chose to believe, could be tamed for their political ends. This was of course in conjunction with piffle condemnation of the murdering and terrorizing of political opponents and news media, and the smashing of printing presses; journalists and party leaders simply disappeared.

The widespread nationalist groups that have re-emerged in the Ukraine, Greece, Germany, France, and the xenophobic proponents of Brexit, have spread like a virus across Europe in a grotesque replay of the 1930’s and now, they have re-emerged from the sewers of John Winthrop’s shining “city upon a hill.” This extreme right-wing movement does not recognize the democratic process except to undermine it when the results go against their man, and exploit it when they do slip a candidate through. Violence is their political capital, terrorism, their currency.

War is the very premise of their survival as there is no fascist state without an enemy from whom they so desperately need to defend themselves: immigration, the Jews, socialism, or in their parlance of late, “liberal cuckoldry.” The threat these individuals pose to the rest of civilised society is small on the level of one person to another - yes, they comprise mostly of social outcasts, young white men with no other direction in life, looking for scapegoats for their own shortcomings. But the ideology to which they ascribe, even if the individual members do not fully understand, is one that necessitates killing everyone who does not share their views.

There is no discourse with fascism. All ideologies can lead to violence but only one forced our planet to resort to the atomic bomb, the creation of a nation state for the people it attempted to exterminate, and the establishment of the United Nations to prevent it from ever dragging us into another global conflict in the future. So when these angry young white men who have assembled in Virginia, their arms outstretched in a sieg heil, chanting that “Russia is our friend!” tell us that they really are what they appear to be, it means that lives are in danger. And one has already been lost.

We should take them at their word and by their actions, and understand that there is no democratic mediation, no negotiation, no appeasement. They have infiltrated the highest corridors of power and there will be more bloodshed - not on some beach in occupied Europe 70 years ago, but already on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, 2017.

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